This series is an intellectual reflection which also considers analogies with certain natural phenomena of life. Thus, death would be like sleep (followed by awakening), like winter (followed by spring). The principle of burying bodies is reminiscent of seeds in agriculture. By becoming fully aware of the emptiness that surrounds me like the human condition characterized by death, the project is representative of the cycle of life.
The images are a personal and plural exploration allowing me to find an echo of this void in the nature. The project depicts after-life as a return to the earth in its simplest form. Isolating flowers, their leaves and their petals is a way of highlighting the passage of time. The surfaces of each plant tell a story and mark the trace of life.
By the opposites “the living are born from the dead”, the harmony of a body is only alive through the mixture of the properties of the soul. The clear mental representation of existence is only an illusion of consciousness as an internalized relationship in which a person is able to establish with the world in which he lives and with himself. In this sense, it is frequently linked to the notions of knowledge, emotion, intuition, thought, subjectivity, sensation, and reflexivity.
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