The title refers to a certain distance between an interior and exterior space, chaos and calm, an obstacle to communication and understanding. In French, the wall refers to the expressions “to be enclosed between four walls”, “to run into a wall” and “to have your back against the wall”. All of them represent an unpleasant feeling about being stuck in a situation. 
After a painful event, the silence built itself in my head like a closed room with no exit. Unable to create, maintain, or even enjoy relationships, the people around me were always pushed away. Distrust and anger had taken hold of my heart, to survive, I embodied an ice armor. 
The project was born after I finally moved to Sweden in 2022. The images illustrate a personal discomfort after an untreated trauma, the memories that remain and the repressed emotions that are ultimately experienced. With the distance, I realized that I had to come back to these feelings to break down the shield I forged. In that way, I finally found my peace.
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